Finding Gyro At Wrecking Bar Brewpub!

Alright, I may have been a tad bit late on my visit to Wrecking Bar Brewpub, I’ll agree! A few of my friends have mentioned this place to me before, but I guess timing had something to do with it, eh? I’ll say I am glad I had the chance to go and grub! Okay, their fries… best! That’s all! I am very picky when it comes to fries, some may call me a “French Fries Connoisseur“. I live up to my name! I don’t mess around! The one thing I was told to try right away was the Seitan Veggie Gyro which ladies and gents, contains 34g of protein! Who said vegans can’t get enough protein again? Um, I guess you’ve never had a Seitan Veggie Gyro from Wrecking Bar before!

Seitan Veggie Gyro- Wrecking Bar Brewpub

Seitan Veggie Gyro- Wrecking Bar Brewpub

With Vegan Tzaki Sauce- Wrecking Bar

With Housemade Vegan Tzatziki Sauce- Wrecking Bar

Now, when I first heard of a gyro, my first impression was going to be messy, dripping and bring on the napkins! I mean, that’s how I’ve had them back in Montreal! I can’t lie, this gyro intimidated me! Why? Because, it was so well presented and not the messy bunch I was expecting! Nevertheless, it was good! The Seitan is house-made and so is the Tzatziki sauce. The Veggie Seitan Gyro was served on House Pita, Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, and Tzatziki Sauce. The perfect combination! With just enough salted pepper! I would love to eat the Seitan as a burger option. I wonder if that could possibly be a thing. 

Oh My Fries!!!!- Wrecking Bar

Oh My Fries!!!!- Wrecking Bar

Now, those fries, right? Well, I can’t explain it. They aren’t your typical frozen fries. They are hearty, full, and tastes like a winning fries! It’s hard to explain, it is one of those things you just have to go experience yourself! You’ll never look at steak fries the same, guaranteed! 

Word is Wrecking Bar offers Vegetarian menu on Tuesday! I will make sure to return and report to you all! Anything to get a taste at those fries again! 

Wrecking Bar Brewpub

292 Moreland Ave NE

Atlanta, Georgia 30307


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