Let’s Talk About Lee’s Bakery!

This week has been a blessing! I have been working non-stop, which I am rather exhausted today but I am off so I get to relax for the next 3 days, woot! I have received so many boxes filled with awesome food. I love coming home to a box it is such a great feeling ^.^ I will be making a post about all of my snail mails next week! I will also be giving away a snack box, you don’t want to miss out on this! Let me share with you the highlight of my week!

This Monday, I discovered a new bakery [all thanks to Jeanette‘s IG pic] that’s now my favourite- Lee’s Bakery is the name.

Vegan Pho at Lee's Bakery!

Vegan Pho at Lee’s Bakery!

I have never had Pho in my meat eating days so this was a brand new experience. The fact that “Vegan Soup” was listed on the menu at an authentic Vietnamese bakery was the icing on the cake! They do care about us!

Vegan Pho at Lee's Bakery!

Vegan Pho at Lee’s Bakery!

I went with Lee’s Combo #3 which included Vegan Pho, and half a Banh Mi sandwich [Tofu]. I also ordered an order of Tofu Spring Rolls with the combo!

Vegan Tofu Bahn Mi from Lee's Bakery!

Vegan Tofu Banh Mi from Lee’s Bakery!

Tofu Bahn Mi at Lee's Bakery!

Tofu Banh Mi at Lee’s Bakery!

Once again, I have never had a Banh Mi so this was also my first experience, hehe! For the Banh mi, you will need to omit their mayonnaise to make it vegan. The filling consisted of Pickled Carrots, Pickled Daikon, Cucumber, Salt and Pepper and Soy Sauce.

Verdict: The best sandwich I have ever had in my life. I may be exaggerating a little bit. Actually, I am not this Banh Mi was the best darn thing I have ever had, crunchy on the outside soft in the inside. The texture of the tofu was great, fried and lightly salted. I can’t even describe to you how it tastes. It is one of those thing where you “have to see it to believe it” kind of deal, hehe. The Pho was just WOW! It was amazing, filled with fresh vegetables in abundance. The soup was filled with carrots, green onions, cabbage, and lettuce with vermicelli noodles on the bottom topped with tofu with a side of bean sprouts, mint and a slice of lime.

The spring rolls were as equally good. They are wrapped in a rice paper with a cabbage filling; vermicelli noodles, green onions and tofu served with a peanut sauce and crushed peanuts.

Tofu Spring Rolls from Lee's Bakery!

Tofu Spring Rolls from Lee’s Bakery!

The food was amazing and the service was great. Everyone at Lee’s Bakery was nice and on hand plus the food service was fast and delicious. I managed to finish everything! As a foodie enthusiast, I had to share the good news! So, on Wednesday, I went back to Lee’s Bakery with my sister and friend Loren! This time, I went with a Tofu Banh Mi.

Tofu Bahn Mi from Lee's Bakery!

Tofu Banh Mi from Lee’s Bakery!

Lucky for me, Lee’s Bakery is only 5 minutes away from my sister’s house. Guess who will be enjoying this precious jewel more often? :) I have to thank Jeanette for putting me on Lee’s Bakery!

Have you eaten at Lee’s Bakery? If so what did you think about the Vegan Pho?

Buford Plaza, Suite C, 4005 Buford Hwy,

Atlanta, GA 30345


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4 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Lee’s Bakery!

  1. Thanks so much! A Meetup group is going here and I was afraid there wouldn’t be anything I could eat. I will definitely have to try this. I live in Atlanta. So few Vietnamese restaurants accommodate us.

    • I agree! I was really happen when I heard about Lee’s Bakery & finally gotten a chance to see it for myself!
      You will love it!!
      Thank you for sharing my review on your meet up group :)
      A friend of mine shared the news as she received a message concerning the meet up, hehe.


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