40 Days Of Green Smoothies Review & A New Year’s Resolution!

“Holly, have a Green Smoothie, it’s good for you”, “Omg, I just had a shot of Wheatgrass”. 

I’ve heard them all! To hear about it is one but to actually do it is another thing. Now here is my little confession; I’ve never had a green smoothie in my life! Why? Simply because they freak me out! Lol- yes, that’s a silly reason isn’t it? Well, it is true. The “Green Smoothie Craze” has been buzzing my ears lately.

Well, I think it’s time I break this silly fear of mine. The benefits of Green Smoothies are endless! Yes, it’s a cup of  blended mixed greens and fruits but there are some cool things about them! You will get a boost of energy you never thought you had before, it’s a great source of antioxidants, it’s a natural weight loss, and it purifies your blood, it is 100% nutritious and low in calories. Green smoothies are easy to make and is the healthiest form of juice you can drink plus many more! Endless!

Well, you’re in for a treat my trusty readers; Becky Striepe blog owner of Glue And Glitter [One of my favourite blogs :] has published her very first e-book; 40 Days Of Green Smoothies. Congratulations Becky!!!

40 Days Of Green Smoothies By Becky Striepe.

40 Days Of Green Smoothies By Becky Striepe.

40 Days Of Green Smoothies is perfect for someone like me! I have decided to break out of my shell and give it a go! Becky honestly did a number on this one. She made sure to help new comers, [like me] onto starting this journey on the right foot and break any misconception about the “Green Smoothies“. This e-book is presented to you in 3 parts.

1- A Weekly Welcome

A Weekly Welcome

A Weekly Welcome!

2- Your Shopping List

Shopping List!

Your Shopping List!

3- The Green Smoothie

The Smoothie!

The Green Smoothie!

Verdict: I fell in love with this e-book immediately! I love the simplicity of her smoothies; she didn’t go overboard with the ingredients. I was actually excited to see that I already had all of the ingredients needed for Week #1. Simple. Becky’s e-book offers fun healthy tips and a cute pep talk for each day. This e-book is simple, bright and bold. I love it and I can’t wait to put it to test. If you’re in need of a fresh new start this New Year’s, I know exactly what you should do! Engage in this beautiful 6-weeks green smoothie makeover! You will feel great, energized and maybe turn into a green smoothie pro by the end of your 40 days!

40 Days Of Green Smoothies is available here for $4.99. This e-book is available for Ipad & Non-Ipad users. This little e-book will also make a great last minute gift to a loved one and even yourself!!

Aside from publishing her first e-book, you can find Becky getting crafty and perfecting some awesome vegan recipes.

Here are a few links on how to stay updated with Becky!


Twitter: @glueandglitter

Facebook: Glue And Glitter

E-Book: 40 Days Of Green Smoothies

What are you waiting for? Let’s make some green smoothies!!!


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