Eat Awesome: The Man Behind It All.

Eat Awesome, save a Llama, go across the country for neat vegan treats, start a book, sit back and relax. Doesn’t that sound great?! Now that’s something to brag about. I have the man right here with a story to tell. If you haven’t figured out whom I am speaking about yet, you’re not good at this game. Ready to find out? I am speaking about selling E-book author of “Eat AwesomeA regular person’s guide to plant-based, whole foods”, Paul Jarvis. Awesome, eh?

Eat Awesome has become an International buzz in both the Vegan cookbook world and the online community. Luckily for me I was I was able to get in the midst of it all and able to catch up with Paul for a little interview!

Paul Jarvis, Selling Author of Eat Awesome!

When preparing for your next recipe, do you tend to be precise with the ingredients you use or mostly cook with a naked eye and follow?

I only use measurements when I’m baking, and even then, tend to let precision fall to the wayside. I “feel out” cooking, and taste a lot along the way. This results in some spectacular meals as well as some spectacular failures. But for me, cooking is all about experimenting — so even if I make an amazing meal, the next time I make it, I’ll be playing with how to change it up or make it differently.

Llamas, you love them! What is one interesting fact about them you can share with us?

Llamas rule, straight up. I think most people they’re mean and will spit on you. This isn’t true though; as a person will only get spit on if they’re between two warring llamas or the llama isn’t super well adjusted. They’re amazingly curious and affectionate creatures, who are totally awkward (which is why I like them). Everyone should adopt a llama from StillPointe Llama Sanctuary (!

Congratulations on your newly project- ‘Eat Awesome’ Ebook. What inspired you to make an EBOOK?

I was constantly emailing people recipes and notes on the benefits of a plant-based diet. So, since I can be lazy, I decided to write everything in book form so I could save some time and just refer them to the ebook instead. Plus, I think having a book that not only gives recipes but a bit of information about a vegan pantry and different foods is important if non-vegans are reading it and curious.

Have you attended any culinary arts program or are you just always this good in the kitchen?

I’ve had no formal training in anything cooking-related. (See, Anyone can do it- TPL)

How do you handle criticism when it comes to being a Vegan?

Mostly with snarky retorts. It’s probably not the best way to handle things, but I have a quick wit and saucy mouth that I let loose when I feel the need. If someone is honestly concerned or asking a valid question, not coming from a place of anger or meanness though, I do my best to answer with good information. Most people are simply curious, since being Vegan is totally different than the standard North American diet. If someone’s going to be an ass though, I have no problem dishing it right back.

Thanks to you and Instagram, you were nice enough to share with us your recent vacation, what is one thing you’ve had and screamed “Eureka- this is the best thing I’ve ever had”?

Holy heck I ate a lot of good Vegan while travelling North America for a couple months. Native Foods (with locations in lots of cities) is always a favourite. I can eat the Oklahoma Bacon Cheeseburger or the Chicken Run Ranch Burger every day and be happy.

Can we see an “Eat Awesome” Part II Ebook in the future?

I have no plans to write a second ebook, but I’m definitely not ruling it out at this point. Books (even if they’re digital-only) are a ton of work.

If you were to only take 3 cooking ingredients with you on a month long camping trip, what would they be?

Oh darn, even when camping I tend to bring a lot of varied foods and cooking utensils. To fuel a long trip in the outdoors, I’d probably bring kale, hemp seeds and bananas… and if a power supply and Vitamix fit in my backpack, I’d bring that too so I could make killer kale, hemp seed and banana smoothies!

Last but not least, is there anyone you’d love to collaborate with on another cooking book adventure?

Probably “The Sexy Vegan” aka Brian Patton, since he’s a funny vegan dude. But really, there are so many awesome vegan and raw chefs, any collaborations would be great. And they’d all probably end up with me just gorging on food they make instead of contributing…

You hear this Brian? Because if you haven’t then I’ll take the offer!

Sneak Peek Of What’s Inside Of Eat Awesome. Quinoa Salad.

Look no further, Eat Awesome is the perfect action packed cooking book you’ve been waiting to add to your collection. It’s funny, healthy, easy, mouthwatering and most of all AWESOME!  Remember, it’s all about trying and eating Awesome!

Eat Awesome: A regular person’s guide to plant-based, whole foods is now available for you, for only $5! Yes, you’ve read right. No less, no more. Now, for only $5 bucks, you cannot say no! I don’t know about you, but I am on my way to the kitchen!

You can purchase your copy here at

You can also follow Paul Jarvis on Twitter- @Pjrvswp



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